After 10 years, we are leaving Facebook.

Many heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been accompanying us on Facebook so far!

It is with regret that we have decided to discontinue our presence on this social network in 2023. This primarily affects the many thousands of Filipino friends, mostly women, who have been with us on Facebook for over 10 years.

Unfortunately, in the end, we were no longer able to meet the tremendous monthly requests for help and financial support. We, the Children's Aid Philippines Angels, are a small aid organization from Cologne specializing in helping children in the Philippines.

Starting in 2024, we will only support private Filipino projects in collaboration with trusted and personally known reputable individuals. These projects will be personally overseen on-site by our board member, Mrs. Lilian Sigaton. Examples of such projects include supporting elementary schools, children's hospitals, and orphanages.

After consulting with German authorities regarding our plans to build a children's home in the beautiful city of Davao in the Philippines, we were informed that the Philippines is classified as a developing country and ranks high on the list of the most corrupt nations. Despite the end of the corrupt Marcos dictatorship decades ago, the extent of corruption still hinders the establishment of a stable democracy. Therefore, it is extremely challenging to transfer larger charitable donations from German banks or financial institutions to the Philippines due to suspected irregularities and money laundering.

We would like to express our gratitude to all friends in the Philippines and worldwide who work tirelessly to support their families back home. In conclusion, we would like to extend our highest respect and admiration to the beautiful country and its lovely people in the Philippines, as well as to everyone working globally. Most women fight for their children and families, regardless of the circumstances. We will do everything in our power to stand by their side when they need us in the future.

If anyone needs assistance, they can contact us in the future via our email address or visit our website and use the contact form to get in touch with us.

We wish all our friends, regardless of gender, all the best for the future, and above all, good health accompanied by God's blessings.

Warm regards from Cologne, Germany
Manfred R. Steinhäuser                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Cologne, November 11th, 2023